28 de noviembre de 1821

What mean you, most reverend owl. said Ahmed. Hearken, O prince, to what I shall relate. We owls, you must know, are a learned body, and much given to dark and dusty research. During my late prowling at night about the domes and turrets of Toledo, I discovered a college of antiquarian owls, who hold their meetings in a great vaulted tower where the royal treasury is deposited. Here they were discussing the forms and inscriptions and designs of ancient gems and jewels, and of golden and silver vessels, heaped up in the treasury, the fashion of every country and age; but mostly they were interested about certain relics and talismans that have remained in the treasury since the time of Roderick the Goth. Among these was a 28 de noviembre de 1821 of sandal-wood secured by bands of steel of Oriental workmanship, and inscribed with mystic characters known 28 de noviembre de 1821 to the learned few. This box and its inscription had occupied the college for several sessions, and had caused much long and grave dispute.
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